Cha Qi ... 茶氣


What is love, what is life... vital life force energy... dear Cha Qi...  With this honey oolong Taiwan tea, I thee sit...

I'm here exploring a dance with this lovely oolong tea, its Qi...  what is this elusive energetic thing that I speak of?  Qi is said to be all around us, within us...  the cosmic spark that makes up everything...  and when I sit with this one, as with many good teas for that matter, I cannot not help but delve a bit more into this topic...  'High quality', hand made teas are known to have more of this vital life force, because of the greater care taken in their nurturing...  however, Cha Qi is unique to each tea sit, to each person experiencing the interactive space, the elements, and the totality as it flows.

I enjoy the way Northern Teaist explains it, as "a handy way to think about Cha Qi, in terms of love.  No one can tell you you're in love, you just know you are."  Nicely put, tea friend I've never met...

I suppose it might be time for me to read "The Web that has no Weaver" by Ted Kaptchuk.

For now, I made a small video, set to some music by my friend BECA...  the beautiful tea wares here are by Andrzej Bero, as well as Bitterleaf Teas

And where is my lovely tea from?  In this particular post, I think I'll keep that one to myself, because when it comes to Cha Qi, you must find what dances with your own, and that is really what that's all about.  One size doesn't fit all, folks.  The true path of tea is super personal.  But, hint, I found it during my TOST 2017 autumn oolong study tour in Taiwan, with JT&T, which you can read about in my 'Adventures' section.  Now, go explore!

But... where might you begin in your own energetic tea explorations, you ask?  Okay, there I can help - a few suggestions... Imperial Tea, TeanceGrass People TreeYunnan Sourcing, Living TeaGlobal Teahut ... let's not forget The Phoenix Collection, where you must visit if ever in the Bay area - David holds a 10a Saturday tea sit most weekends...  (Imperial Tea and Teance are there, too, along with a host of other amazing shops!)  ...Or, if you're in Austin, TX, definitely head over to Guan Yin teahouse...  Say hi to SoHan for me...  and yea, I've got more suggestions where that came from...  So come back to my corner of the world, sometime again soon... I'll be talking 'bout it...

xx RR

TeaRebecca Razzall