Lavender Honey Ice


Relaxing and cooling, these lavender honey ice cubes are super easy, and a wonderfully decadent treat in iced water, chamomile, matcha...  or, there's always a naughty whiskey...

You'll need:

- oversized silicon cube ice tray

- spring or filtered water

- 8-10 fresh & rinsed lavender flowers (depending on your tray, 2 for each cube)

- 4-6 spoonfuls organic honey

Grab an oversized silicon ice cube tray like this one, pluck several fresh lavender sprigs (it's harvest season right about now in the Northern Hemisphere, so if you're not growing your own, go ask a friendly neighbor)...  I personally felt like 2 buds per cube did the trick... but feel free to experiment.  Then fill up your ice cube tray 3/4 with the water, add a spoonful of honey to each cube, and then add a couple lavender flowers to each.  Freeze overnight, and enjoy...